Fit2Play strengthens its look

With the help of the Written Impact team and Brewhouse Media, fitness guru Jeff Turner has relaunched a slick new site that runs laps around other trainer sites. The story behind Fit2Play is as inspiring as the acheivement of the high-profile athletes Jeff has trained and with the launch of his new brand, the best-kept secret in town is about to bulk up. Turner believes that there's a program for everyone, and although he has trained world-class athletes, he emphasizes that his real focus is on the average Joe, the 30 or 40 or 50-something crowd that may have lifted a few weights or played sports back in high school but have given up on adapting to a regular health and fitness regimen.

Fit2Play also works with work groups or entire high school teams looking to provide strength and conditioning for student athletes who are always at risk for injuries due to improper or rushed conditioning.

The Nike generation is conditioned to think that getting in shape is as simple as "Just Do It." However, Turner maintains that you "don't just do it... you do it right."

Be sure to check out his website at and fill out his questionnaire to see where you are at with your health.

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