Interactive Design and Planning

It begins with a keen understanding of the user experience. Cognitive mediums like web sites, e-stores, and software applications demand purposeful and intuitive thinking. When this user-focused approach is combined with proven creative, technical, and marketing the result can be powerful. Brewhouse Media plans for your success up front – on the drawing board – before the building begins.

Our design process puts the spotlight on your products or services. We leverage all the traditional core disciplines of design with experienced, creative professionals who continually keep a pulse on visual design trends. Brewhouse Media is fully equipped to create the energy your web site needs.

We believe practical application is always at the forefront of design. The blueprint merits as much energy as the finished interface. Solutions can be as simple or complex as your individual needs, from the ability to browse online catalogs and complete satisfaction surveys, to developing and maintaining your organization's entire infrastructure-day-to-day communication, scheduling, email and even project management.

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Offline Marketing Collateral

No matter which medium is chosen for advertising, the expectation for a web presence is in high demand. Consumers in the twenty-first century are smarter than ever and will want to have a way to study the the breadth and scope of your offering far beyond what any ad or brochure can provide.

Brewhouse Media specializes in producing advertisements, campaigns, special promotions, and an ongoing variety of printed collateral which are all designed to augment your products and services. We are also very experienced in handling time-sensitive and supplemental content for special programs and promotions - even if you already have web site.

Whatever the means, monitoring the success of your advertising campaign involves carefully tracking where each customer came from. Whether using specialized links for online ads, customer survey forms after sales are completed, or any other method, we realize the importance in helping you examine how customers found you and measuring the level of their satisfaction.

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Propagation, SEM, SEO Services

With the majority of internet users depending on search engines to get where they want or need to go-online and off, optimization and marketing are opportunities no organization should ignore. That’s why we start with the do-no-harm best practices for every web site and provide tools for you to keep it search-friendly and up to date.

For those who want to think beyond meta-tags and page descriptions, Brewhouse Media offers you the benefit of our extensive knowledge of this continually changing landscape. More than increased traffic and rankings, we help connect searchers to your brand-at the precise moment they need it.

Whether we're creating your brand, enhancing it or managing it, Brewhouse Media is your online brand's guardian and advocate. From logo development and product naming to establishing and maintaining an appropriate voice and tone, we provide the strength and relevance your brand needs to move forward.

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